ABYBOM Super Power Baby Doll Mask


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  • 100% Genuine Guarantee from Korea
  • Eye serum, soothing cream, mask 3 step mask pack.
  • Free of mineral oil, paraben, artificial pigment, triethanolamine, benzophenone
  • Recommended to people who feel dry inside of skin and when makeup doesn't fit due to dry skin

A1-Eye serum
Cares skin around eyes, nose and wrinkles around eyes at once.
Aloe vera leaf extract protects skin from the external environment and moisturizes skin.
Witch hazel ingredient soothes skin and strengthen skin barrier to protect skin.

A2-Soothing cream
Increases moisture of the entire skin and takes care of dull skin tone. 
Hyaluronic acid strengthens skin and protects skin from external environment.
Patented plant complex extract from nature gives bright skin.
Prevents damage in advance and makes skin texture healthy.

A3-Aqua mask
Provides rich moisture inside skin by creating moisture layer.
White lupin seed extract provides rich moisture.
Combination of lupin protein and chlorella cares healthy skin with elasticity.

 How to use
  1. After face wash, apply A1 eye serum around eyes, nose by tapping gently.
  2. Apply A2 soothing cream on the entire face.
  3. Place A3 mask onto face and remove the mask after 20 minutes and wait for the essence to be absorbed.

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