SNP Animal Mask 10 (4 Types)

SNP Animal Mask 10 (4 Types)


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  • Choose one type:
  • Tiger
    • Anti-Wrinkle Mask to boost dulling skin cells with elastic energy leaving skin radiant and resilient.
    • Dragon
      • Soothing Mask to take care sensitive and red skin with AC-soothing energy refining skin healthy and translucent.
    • Panda
      • Whitening Mask to restore dull and rough skin with brightening energy delivering luminosity and softness.
    • Otter
      • Aqua Moisture Mask to reinforce moisture retention of dry and water-insufficient skin with aqua energy creating moist and silky skin.

     How to use
    • After cleansing your face, tone skin and apply the mask to the face evenly centering around the eyes and the mouth.
    • Leave on 10 to 20 minutes, and peel the mask from the face.
    • Pat gently any remaining essence into the skin.

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