Mediheal Aqua Chip Circle Point Mask (Blue)


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  • Sheet mask with acupressure points
  • Helps to "detoxify" your skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Cotton sheet soaked with clear, non-viscous essence
  • Has a slight floral scent to it
  • Mask comes with plastic chips attached to acupressure points on your face

 <For each point>

  • cuan zhu (攒竹穴)(between your brows):
    • helps to depuff and relax your eyes
  • tong zi liao (瞳子髎穴)(besides your eyes):
    • helps to reduce cow feet and fine lines 
  • jia che (颊车穴)(near your jaw bone):
    • firms your skin
  • ying xiang (迎香穴)(sides of your nose):
    • detoxifies the skin, nourishes the skin, improves blood circulation
  • ren zhong (人中穴)(above your lips):
    • revitalization
  • cheng jiang (承浆穴)(below your lips):
    • links to female hormones and prevent premature aging
 How to use
Mediheal Aqua Chip Circle Point Mask (Blue)
Mediheal Aqua Chip Circle Point Mask (Blue)
  • Press the points for 20-30 seconds at about 8~12 times for each point throughout the process

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