The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Special Set

The History Of Whoo Gongjinhyang Special Set-2018 NEW


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  • A special set featuring the popular Gongjinhyang Secret Court products, offering you a premium Hanbang formulated basic skin care experience.


The history of whoo Gongjinhyang Special Set

    • Gongjinhyang (G.H) Essential Moisturizing Blancer 150ml
      • Provides rich moisture to rough skin and makes it smooth and moisturized.
    • G.H Essential Nourishing Emulsion 110ml
      • With its rich nourishment and moistness, this emulsion makes the skin clean and elastic and give it a beautiful empress skin.
    • G.H Intensive Nutritive Cream 30ml
      • Protects facial firmness from the facial outline damage and nourishes skin with energy from the deep inside.
      • G.H Intensive Nutritive Essence 10ml
      • G.H Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream 4ml
      • G.H Neck & Face Sleeping Repair Mask 17ml
       How to use

      Balancer > Essence > Lotion > Eye Cream > Cream 


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